Order Value: 1.9M
Client: Lendlease

Painting of four prison house blocks and eight support buildings, each building being broken down into zones for the purpose of meeting completion dates. All Buildings Where live and different zones in each building had corresponding starting and completion dates.

All surfaces to be painted in each zone had to be inspected by Carlyles and signed off as ready for painting, all surfaces when painted at each application had to be again inspected and signed off as complete, this was made possible by implementing our quality control procedures.

There were also issues with the moisture levels within the concrete substrate to the house blocks and moisture readings were taken weekly to monitor the levels in order ensure no areas where at risk of rejecting any paints applied. Carlyles worked closely with our suppliers Dulux paints during the testing of the substrates, and this enabled us to not to step outside the parameters of the specification of the project.

Throughout the project Carlyles were in constant consultation with all subcontractors and lendlease management team on a weekly basis discussing issues relating to programme, Quality and Health & Safety. Despite all the difficulties associated with the project, Carlyle Decorators delivered the completion date as required and also a high standard of finish to the satisfaction of both Lendlease and the Ministry of Justice.